5 Health Benefits of BJJ

Full-Body Fitness

Anyone who has ever done a BJJ class will be able to admit it is a full-body workout. The intensity and variety of movements included in a BJJ workout is something that is hard to achieve in a home or gym workout. Starting Jiu Jitsu is an easy way to commit to long-term fitness goals without worrying about workout routines or exercises…simply show up to class!

Improved Sleep Quality 

Even though we lead very busy lives, juggling work, family and a social life, most people go to bed mentally exhausted, but not always physically. It is an annoying experience trying hard to get to sleep after working hard all day long. Following the full-body fitness aspect of Jiu Jitsu, improved sleep quality is an inevitable side effect that many people experience. Not only will it be much easier to fall asleep after a BJJ workout, but the quality of sleep will also be improved! Research shows that physical activity increases the time spent in deep sleep, which is important for overall physical and mental health. 

Mental Fitness

Jiu-jitsu takes as much mental work as it does physical work. From memorising a sequence of actions in class to recalling a movement during a roll. The mind and body work simultaneously in Jiu Jitsu. That is why many people say it keeps them mentally fit as much as it does physically. 


Flexibility is an important part of physical health but one that is pushed to the side by many. Most people only start stretching once they have a sore back or injury. However, in BJJ, flexibility comes naturally and is needed to progress. When you start to understand jiu-jitsu, you also start to understand the importance of flexibility and prioritise it in training. 

Lowered Stress

As our lives become busier our stress has increased enormously over the years. Any type of exercise is great to reduce stress levels, however, BJJ can reduce stress more than a simple cardio workout at the gym. This is due to the mental and physical immersion into the exercise that is achieved during Jiu Jitsu.


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