How to Stay Motivated in Jiu Jitsu Training

As we are deep into the cooler months of the year, you may be lacking some motivation, in jiu jitsu and in other areas of life. Whether you have been in the game for years or only just started, motivation is a key element in training and so we have the top tips for how to stay motivated in your jiu jitsu career.

Schedule Training Days

You may have heard your coaches say ‘just keep coming’ to class and this is good advice. Locking in training days through the week means that you won’t have to overthink going to training. Knowing that you have a certain number of classes you attend per week, also keeps you on the right track to achieving your goals in the long term. For example, if you choose to attend 3 sessions per week, you’ll know by the end of the year you would have put in 156 classes/hours into your training. Consistency is key in jiujitsu, so create a realistic training schedule and stick to it!

Remember the Benefits

Another way to feel motivated about anything is to remember the benefits that the activity provides. Aside from self-defence, BJJ has many benefits that students experience. Overall, sticking to a training routine will mean you will be physically fitter and healthier. On top of that, you will become stronger and more confident in your abilities over time.

Reward Yourself & Celebrate Milestones

The journey of jiu jitsu is a long game. Hence why it is important to celebrate milestones and reward yourself for your efforts. Achieving a higher belt is an obvious example and many people celebrate with friends and family. However, even the smaller achievements like achieving a stripe or executing a technique that you have been practicing for months can be celebrated, and this makes the journey a lot more enjoyable.

Remember Your Goal

One very important way to stay motivated is to remember why you are doing jiu jitsu in the first place and remember your goal. It can help to write your goal down and reflect on it when you are lacking inspiration. You should also keep up a positive mindset to keep mental clarity with techniques like meditation and visualisation. It can help to ask the question ‘where will you be in 5 or 10 years if you keep training like this? And you know the answer is worth it.

Create Balance with Relaxing Activities

BJJ can be physically intense, especially for those training more than a few classes a week. One factor that can steer students off track is the feeling of being sore or tired. So, it can be an excellent idea to incorporate stretching and/or yoga into your week to add some relaxation. You can also try breathing exercises which help not only with relaxing but also with endurance in training. Creating balance with these activities will ensure you stay balanced both physically and mentally and will give you more motivation to stay on track.

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