Take Down Class

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Take Down Class

Don’t neglect this crucial aspect of Jiu Jitsu training – mastering takedowns can give you a massive advantage in any match or fight. Our takedown classes are designed to help you safely and confidently take your opponent to the ground, whether you’re wearing a Gi or not. But that’s just the beginning.

By mastering takedowns, you’ll learn how to control your opponent, gain dominant positions, and ultimately come out on top. Our comprehensive approach means we cover a range of scenarios, from self-defence to sport, so you’ll be prepared for any situation you may encounter.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our takedown classes are suitable for all levels. And who knows, we might even sneak in some guard pulling! Join us and take your Jiu Jitsu game to new heights.

What to expect from the class

Our class starts with a thorough warm-up that includes plenty of break fall practice to prepare your body for the upcoming technique section. Our experienced and certified instructor will then demonstrate a series of techniques, providing you with a clear understanding of each move. We encourage questions throughout the class to ensure that you understand the techniques and can perform them safely.

After the demonstration, you will break up into pairs or small groups to practice the techniques and help each other learn and refine your skills. This format allows you to develop teamwork and to get a deeper understanding of the techniques.

Our class concludes with rolling or free sparring, where you can put your newly learned skills into practice in a realistic scenario. This not only improves your technique but also enhances your overall experience.

How the class is broken up

Warm Up
Free Sparring

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important things

Your ego is your enemy, your partner is your teacher. Be humble and respectful to others

This is pretty straightforward do not wear shoes and sandals onto the training mats in the gym.  Leave your shoes or sandals at the side of the mats.

This is another customary rule you must follow to have in your BJJ journey.

In Jiu Jitsu, arguably the best part of the class is the free sparring at the end, known as rolling. Here you get to practise your techniques against a fully resitenant training partner.

  • Before entering the mat
  • When ever leaving the mat
  • Bow to the picture of the Helio Gracie & your coaches at the end

need to know

Carlos Gracie Snr

"You can't lose in jiu jitsu. you either win or you learn"

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