Benefits of BJJ for Mental Health

Physical Exercise 

Physical exercise has always been a great way to balance mental health. Why? There are many processes that occur during physical exercise both in the body and the mind. One major process is the release of endorphins, otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. Other hormones that are released including; dopamine and serotonin, also play an important role in balancing moods. Serotonin specifically boosts your mood and overall sense of wellbeing. It allows a higher quality of sleep and regulates appetite, which in turn, promotes a healthy mindset.

Confidence in Knowing Self-Defence

There is a substantial level of confidence that comes along with knowing how to defend yourself. To really know how to defend yourself in a situation of violence or attack means no longer being afraid in many situations that you may have been before. It also means that other situations that may sometimes provoke anxiety, are much less confronting to BJJ students. This can be very helpful for people that suffer from anxiety as it becomes harder to justify being fearful. The process of learning self-defence is also learning self-worth and allowing confidence and self-esteem to grow over time. 

Positive Support Systems

Many of us rely on family and friends for our positive support systems. However, it is the relationships outside of these family and friends that can be just as important in supporting positive mental health. Gracie Parramatta endorses a positive community that is reflected both on and off the mats. Between coaches and students, there is a great sense of community at the gym. As a student of Gracie Parramatta, you will likely feel at home within the first few weeks. Knowing there is a place to go where you can feel safe with a group of people that support your goals can do wonders for mental health!

Releases Stress

Stress is a major contributing factor in many people’s mental health these days and there’s no doubt why. We lead highly stressful lives with jam-packed schedules, juggling work, family and friends. So, it is important that the stress from life is released in some way. Jiujitsu is a highly effective way to release stress as it is not only a high intensity cardio workout but also engages the mind through learning techniques. When the mind is focused on learning, it has a break from thinking about the stresses of everyday life and this can be a great break. It is common that life stresses can feel much smaller and easier to manage after spending some time on the mats.

Positive Routine 

Having a positive routine in life can make a huge impact on mental health. Even a single factor like waking up at the same time every day, has been found to increase positive mindset and productivity. So, how does BJJ come into all of this? Sticking to a training schedule means that BJJ students already have one aspect of their life organised by routine. This has a snowball effect also, as work schedules and family/friends need to be organised to fit around jiujitsu. Many students after a couple of months of starting BJJ, already find that their life is more organised; they have a positive routine and have pride in maintaining their schedule!

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