6 Transferable Skills of BJJ

A transferable skill, otherwise known as a ‘portable skill’ is an ability that may be used in a variety of different roles and activities. Jiujitsu is unique in the fact that it has many of these transferable skills, meaning that students not only learn the art of BJJ on the mats but also take home with them a variety of roles and abilities that they can transfer into other sports and work practices.

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So, what are the transferable skills of BJJ? There are many, so we have narrowed it down to the top 6 below…




First and foremost, self-discipline is a transferable skill gained in the first few months of jiujitsu, if not earlier. Self-discipline is taught throughout BJJ in many ways including; punctuality, attendance and following a training schedule. These skills of self-discipline will not only transfer into other sports and hobbies but will also benefit your career and allow students to be self-disciplined in their area of work.


2. Problem-solving 

Problem-solving is one of the unique factors of BJJ, and jiujitsu arguably has the most problem-solving in all martial arts, due to its complexity. Many people have related jiujitsu to the game of chess and most people who practice it will understand it takes a lot of problem-solving effort, especially at more advanced levels.  


3. Mental Strength

Mental strength is a substantial benefit of practicing BJJ. Mental strength is the capability to handle stressors, pressures, and challenges. It is also the ability to perform to the best of your ability, regardless of the situation you are in. This skill is taught from day one by your BJJ coaches and many practitioners find that they improve their mental strength drastically in the first 6 months of jiujitsu. This strength continues to grow throughout the student’s journey.


4. Focus

Anyone who has participated in a BJJ class will know the amount of focus it requires. This level of focus takes a lot of getting used to for beginners and as your overall jiujitsu skills improve, so does your ability to focus. Over time, many jiujitsu students have an immense ability to be focused in class and apply the skills demonstrated on a physical level with their partner. This skill of focus can be easily transferred into most, if not all, work roles and can also come in handy with other hobbies and even relationships.


5. Perseverance

Jiujitsu is a long game that requires a lot of perseverance. Although BJJ is an exciting sport to start, many students will endure challenges throughout their journey of learning the art, especially in the first year. As a beginner, students may even feel uncomfortable in their lack of ability to execute warm-up exercises and beginner techniques. However, if this process is endured, the skill of perseverance is gained and only becomes stronger over time.


6. Communication Skills

Since BJJ requires a lot of physical contact with partners, communication skills are an inevitable side effect. Communication skills that are required for BJJ include; listening to the coach, communicating with your partner, utilising emotional intelligence to understand your partner’s needs, and demonstrating respect. Additionally, social skills are added to these communication skills which are used between students before and after class. For people who have social disabilities or don’t have many social contacts, BJJ is a great place to meet new people and enhance communication skills for other areas of life. In general, communication skills are great to have and can also be added to skillsets for resumes and job applications.


All in all, the listed transferable skills are undoubtedly beneficial for anyone. Find out more about Gracie BJJ by contacting Gracie Parramatta on 96875480 or visit our website. We offer a variety of classes and your first class is free!

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