Tips to Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone in Jiu Jitsu

Staying out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to improve quickly in BJJ. You may wonder why?…Isn’t it a good thing to get comfortable at a sport you love? 

Well the answer is simple. When we refer to being ‘comfortable’ in jiu jitsu it is not the comfort of having friends in the gym or having a comfortable training regime. The comfort factor that is unhelpful is the kind that stops you from practicing new techniques and sparring with unfamiliar partners.  So, if you think you have become very comfortable in training, it may be time to have a look at the tips below…

Choose different training partners

If you find yourself training with the same two or three partners every week, there’s no doubt you will have an advantage in knowing their strengths, weaknesses and their overall game, even if it is on a subconscious level. That is why it is so important to constantly be training with new people – and that includes both drilling and rolling.

Ask questions

When you’re new, it is a given that you will have many questions and are sometimes brave enough to put up your hand and ask. However, as students progress in their journey, it’s common for them to put aside questions based on the idea that they will resolve themselves eventually. The best thing you can do to stay ‘uncomfortable’ as a student is raising your hand to ask questions when you have them. Coaches at Gracie Parramatta will undoubtedly ask the students if they have any questions, at least a few times each class. When you ask a question, the answers will not only benefit you but also help your fellow students and may even help the coach be able to explain the technique more in depth once they have an insight into a student’s thought processes.

Try different classes

Gracie Parramatta has a timetable filled with a variety of different classes. This is so that everyone has a class that suits their schedule and their skill level…but it is also so students have the chance to change up their training regime and try new classes! If you have found yourself only part-taking in the general classes for a while, it might be time to book in a combat class where you will learn how to apply BJJ to real self-defence situations. Or maybe it’s time to implement Strength & Conditioning classes into your schedule. Even something as simple as trying our morning or lunch-time classes may be beneficial as you may be training with a different coach and group of people. 

Drill techniques you are NOT good at

After even 6-12 months of practicing jiujitsu, it is likely that you have a few guard passes, sweeps and submissions under your belt that work. When you implement these submissions during a roll, they work – so why would you do anything differently? As a student of jiujitsu, it is crucial to keep moving forward and this can’t happen with the process of using the same techniques. The only way to advance in the art, is to practice what you are not good at. This might be a new technique you have learned, or a submission you just can’t seem to execute! That is why it’s so important to work on it, so that when you can execute it, you have another submission in your arsenal, ready for use whenever you need.


Last but not least, competing is a sure fire way to excel at jiu jitsu. When you compete, you put your knowledge, skills and fitness to the test against an opponent who is going 110%. Win or lose, this is one of the best ways to see what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, what you can improve on. You’ll have no better motivation than after competing to improve your game and refine your skills for the next one!

If you are interested in trying BJJ, Gracie Parramatta have a variety of classes available on their timetable. Feel free to book via the timetable or call 02 9687 5480 to inquire. 

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