5 Essential Life Skills Learnt from BJJ


Jiu jitsu can be extremely beneficial for people who have not had any experience in a sport or martial art like it before. This is because the discipline learned through the process of jiu jitsu is an attribute that also benefits every other part of life. The basic requirements of class require discipline such as; arriving to class on time and paying full attention to the coach. In addition, students are recommended to attend at least 2-3 classes a week in order to progress at a steady pace. The act of committing to these training sessions and attending them, whether you feel like it or not, is a strong disciplinary trait that many BJJ students showcase over time. It’s easy to imagine how the skill of discipline can be inherited into your work, family, social and even spiritual life.

2. Social Skills

BJJ is a social sport in the way that it requires contact with a partner during the majority of the class. As students of Gracie Parramatta, we all have at least one thing in common and therefore, it can be a great starting point to find friends with similar values in life. Many people these days are very busy lives with work and family, so they have limited social time and find that their social skills become limited too. Comparatively, students of BJJ have the time on the mats, as well as before and after class to interact with a variety of people. This time can be very beneficial to enhance social skills and these skills can be utilised in other areas of life as well.

3. Modesty

Many jiu jitsu practitioners will say that jiu jitsu is a humbling experience. Some days you will feel great about yourself as you fly through submissions. Whereas, other days, you will be the one to tap out. There is especially likely to be many weeks when you first start classes, that you are tapping and have not made one submission. At first, you may feel frustrated as your ego is put to the test. However, over time you learn to embrace defeat and respect the process. Over time, a great practitioner will learn to put their ego aside and gain knowledge from each experience. This also applies to losing in a competition as the art of embracing defeat is a major part of the humbling experience that jiu jitsu has to offer.

4. Patience

The process of BJJ from a white belt to a black belt is a long journey which requires a high level of patience to get through. The first step of achieving the first stripe is usually when a white belt’s patience is first tested. Many students may think they deserve their stripes before they get them, however, having patience and trust in the coach’s judgement is critical in excelling in the gentle art. Patience is also useful while on the mats as it is required to achieve many techniques accurately. There are many submissions that require you to wait for the perfect timing and so, with the right level of patience, you will become a better jiu jitsu practitioner.

5. Respect

BJJ teaches respect from day one on the mats. The respect for coaches and fellow students is showcased by other students and is a part of the foundation of BJJ philosophy. Respect is learned through actions such as shaking of everyone’s hand upon the end of class and bowing to coaches at the end of class as well as bowing when entering/leaving the mats. Students of BJJ take this level of respect as standard in their daily life and therefore, show respect in the same way in work and family life.

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