1. Make sure you check into class, if you cannot check in let staff know.
  2. Greet everyone as you come into the academy.
  3. If class is on, be quiet.
  4. Get changed in change rooms.
  5. Leave your belongings in the lockers located in the change room.
  6. Remove all jewelry, rings and necklaces etc.  
  7. Leave the outside world at the door, it is Jiu-Jitsu time.
  8. Start thinking about Jiu Jitsu.
  1. Make sure you are clean and fresh before class.
  2. If you come straight from work, make sure to have a shower before class.
  3. Make sure finger and toe nails are trimmed short.
  4. No chewing gum on the mats.
  5. Wear shoes in change rooms and toilets.
  6. Always wear a rash guard.
  7. Make sure your uniform is washed after each session.
  8. Wear deodorant. 
  9. If you are doing multiple classes, bring multiple uniforms.
  10. If you are unwell, stay home.
  11. If you have a skin infection, see a doctor and let us know.
  1. As you enter the mat, greet everyone else there before you. If you are new, introduce yourself. 
  2. If you are late to class, wait by the side of the mat until welcomed on by the Instructor.
  3. Listen to the Instructor attentively, if you are unsure of something please ask questions.
  4. Just try, that’s all your Instructors expect from you, we know Jiu Jitsu is hard.
  5. Always keep your uniform on, if your belt comes off, re-tie it at the next opportunity.
  6. When sitting on the mats, keep your legs tucked underneath you.
  7. If you need to leave the mats, ask your Instructor. Unless it is urgent.
  8. It is considered impolite to ask a higher rank to roll.
  9. It is considered impolite to turn down a higher rank to roll.
  1. Always train with the safety and well being of your training partner 
  2. Use technique not brute strength 
  3. When rolling with smaller partners, make sure to adjust your intensity and rolling style to suit
  4. Do not coach your partner during the roll
  5. Do not ask a higher belt to roll
  6. Do not turn down a higher belt to roll
  7. Do not grab less than 3 fingers, no twisting of fingers
  8. Avoid contact with the face of your partner
  9. No leg attacks unless in an approved class.
  10. Straight foot locks are allowed if done with control, white belts are discouraged
  11. No Spinal attacks, neck or lower back.
  12. Wrist locks from Blue Belt up
  13. Tap 3 times on your partner to stop
  1. Do not interact with your child on the mats, let your child find their own way
  2. Every child is different do not compare them
  3. Progress is incremental be patient 
  4. If your child has fun in the class they will want to keep coming back
  5. If you have any questions please ask us, we love feedback good or bad.

“It takes a village to raise a child.” –  African Proverb


The “Village” is a founding concept of Gracie Parramatta, the Village is our community.


The Village is:

  • Open to everyone
  • Respectful
  • Empathetic
  • Supportive
  • Positive 


In the Village, we celebrate and embrace our differences. We also understand that people might have different ideas or points of views and that these can coexist in the Village. We can agree to disagree in a respectful and polite manner.


Conversation and discourse is encouraged, but not at the expense of civility, ultimately we are all here for the same thing, to make ourselves better on and off the mats, and we do this through Jiu Jitsu.


We are all united by the grind of Jiu Jitsu, it’s what brings us together, we understand that Jiu Jitsu is difficult and we celebrate everyone’s little milestones.


Every member of the Village has responsibility for maintaining the standards of the Village. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

  1. Gracie Parramatta is a members only academy.
  2. 30 day cancellation period. 
  3. 7 days notice required for changes to membership including suspensions.
  4. Maximum suspension available 3 is months.

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