The Canberra Open 


NOVEMBER 13/2017

On Friday the 10th of October, members of the Gracie Parramatta Team hit the road and headed for the Canberra BJJ Open which was held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). Led by coach Jairson Rosa, the competition team, parents and supporters travelled to the AIS early on Saturday morning to prepare for what would be a massive day for the Gracie Parramatta team.

The first events of the morning commenced at 9am with the kids’ division. Gracie Parramatta dominated with seven students competing in this division. For Adonis and Aaryan it was their first ever BJJ competition which by itself is a very commendable achievement, however both boys went above and beyond and secured medals, Adonis with a bronze medal and Aaryan with a gold, well done boys. Jordan, Jaybar, Karl, Jaylen and Reina all did extremely well as well and all secured medals. Jaybar with a silver, Karl with a gold, Jordan with a silver, Reina with a silver and Jaylen with a gold. The Gracie Parramatta kids all made they’re coaches and parents very proud, especially as they were up against kids with much more experience and at higher levels yet still dominated the division. In many cases the medals were being battled for by all Gracie Parramatta students. Well done to the kids of Gracie Parramatta, everyone is extremely proud of you. A huge thank you to all the parents for putting in the time and effort to allow the Gracie Parramatta Kids to do so well at the Canberra BJJ Open.


With the kids divisions all wrapped up, the event moved onto the Adults and Master Divisions. Just like the Kids division, Gracie Parramatta completely flooded the Adults and Master Divisions. There were a lot of first timers in the Adults/Masters but that did not stop them collecting medals! First time competitors included Aboho, Quinton, Yunn, Danny, Jay and Carlos. Aboho competing in the Gi division and securing a Silver medal as well as two submissions! Quinton representing all the BJJ Dads out there absolutely killed his first competition securing a Bronze medal in the Gi Division. Yunn doing extremely well also and placing 3rd for a bronze medal in the Gi division. Danny put it all out there and gave it his absolute best but came off second best to his fellow team mate Adam in the Gi Division! Watch out Adam, Danny will be back! The big boy Jay competing in both the Gi and NoGi divisions, collected a bronze medal in the Gi and a silver medal in the NoGi where he fought in the final against a fellow Gracie Parramatta teammate. Carlos competed in the Gi division, NoGi division and the Open NoGi division, a huge effort especially for a first time competitor. Carlos came away with two medals, a silver and a bronze! Returning competitors for the Adults/Masters include Mano, Eric, Harrison, Paul (aka Spud) and Adam. Mano who is only 17 competed in the adults division as well as the open division! Incredibly brave for Mano to compete against fully grown men and secure medals at the same time! Mano secured a bronze medal in the Gi and silver medal in the NoGi! Eric putting in a star performance, dominating his weight class to secure two gold medals for the Gi and NoGi divisions. Harrison had a great day managing to repeat his results from his last competition on the Central Coast with two gold medals in the Gi and NoGi. He was up against teammate Jay in both divisions and both matches were very close. Paul (aka Spud) had a great day with a silver medal in the Gi Division. It was a Gracie Parra final where he came off second best to teammate Eric. Eric and Spud were both in the final for the Gi division in their previous comp on the Central Coast. Adam competed in the Gi and NoGi divisions and was up against people 20+kg heavier than him. Never the less that didn’t stop him from securing a bronze in the NoGi and a silver in the Gi. Overall it was an incredible turn out from the Gracie Parramatta team and every competitor did extremely well making their coaches Jairson and George very proud.

Gracie Parramatta dominated the stands at the event with tremendous amounts of support for each competitor, it was a fantastic day for all. A huge thank you to George and Jairson for your endless support and coaching. Special mention to Jairson for leading the competition team and helping each competitor through their matches. Another huge thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends and friends who came to support the team, its what makes Gracie Parramatta so special. We set our sights on the next competition and start preparing ourselves for another day of Gracie Parra dominance!