Upcoming Competitions 

Gracie Parramatta Internal Competition

Sunday 17th November 2019

Location: Gracie Parramatta.

Kids 9am, round robin format.

Adults TBA, double elimination format. Open weight single elimination.


How to Enter

Click the Link below and follow the prompts!

Entries close 14th November 2019

The coaches will try to get the best match ups for their students.

No membership is required for this competition


AFBJJ membership information 

You have the option to subscribe to be a member for either 1/2/3 years with AFBJJ. 

Complete all personal details on the form. When selecting an Academy, select 'GRACIE PARRAMATTA'.  our affiliation is 'GRACIE HUMAITA'

If you have any further membership related queries or assistance, please email membership@afbjj.com.


Weights in the drop down box are represented as net with the appropriate Gi or No Gi allowance included in brackets e.g. the 79kg (82.3kg) Gi weight category means a net weight under 79kg and a combined gross weight (including Gi) of under 82.3kg.

Please make sure you select the correct weight bracket, failing to make the weight catagory will mean you are unable to compete

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