Beyond the mats


05 september 2017 /george atton 

I remember a quote from Renzo Gracie, where he says that jiu-jitsu is really a philosophy and that you get self defence as a bonus.

This quote stuck with me and as I have gone deeper into my jiu-jitsu journey, this has really resonated with me.

I can see how subtly this philosophy has started to influence the way I make decisions off the mats.

I'll try to distill how i apply the lessons I have learnt from jiu-jitsu in the other areas of my life.

Leverage,  use your skills to get maximum results, if you are a carpenter, work with wood and let the accountant work with numbers.

Efficiency, if you can do it in three steps, don't do it in four. Does what you are doing have purpose?

Mindfulness, you need to be completely focused on the job at hand and the bigger picture.

Timing, you need to be at the right place at the right time and ready to execute your plan.

Commitment, you need to be all in, do what you do with 100% commitment.

Honesty, be honest to those around you, but most importantly be honest with yourself.

Perseverance, embrace the grind, nothing worth achieving is ever easy.

Failure, don't be afraid to make mistakes, just try not to make them again, this is how you improve.

Listen, keep an open mind, lessons can come from the most unexpected sources.

Details, it's the combination of all the little things, in the right sequence that gives you the right result. Sometimes a shortcut is a long cut.

Give, the more you give the more get you back. It feels good to give and creates a positive environment around you.

As you can see jiu-jitsu gives you much more than just cauliflower ears!